taigh solais

February is a strange month. At once still in the depths of Winter, the days are becoming noticably longer, tempting us with thoughts of Spring. There was a fresh snowfall during the night over the low hills and Paps of Jura. None here by the coast; not even a shimmer of ice. I should probably be thankful.The snowdrops are out and the sheep are looking heavy with lambs.

“Ceum coileach air an latha”. An old Gaelic expression meaning each day is lengthening by a cockerel’s step. Not long til Spring now.

og mhadainn

Into Spring

A Winter malaise seems to have gotten hold of this little corner of the internet. It feels like it’s been ongoing for months and is – amongother things – hindering my attempts to finish certain tasks. Most notably of these is a test knit I’ve been working on for a while. You can see the original project here. It’s a beautiful pattern and currently one of the only things I’m grateful to Winter for – it being cold enough to wear it.

Though I’m complaining about it, the Winter is absolutely one of my favourite seasons. I adore the crispness in the air and, for the most part, the unpredictable weather. Still, every year at this stage I’m longing for a little warmth in the sun and flowers to appear. And lo – they are!

It’s incredibly to see such vivid colour after what has felt like an eternity of grey. Long may they continue to flourish…