Each winter I seem to go into reverse and rather than doing the obvious thing and getting woolens out I seem to become more interested in sewing up some lovely cotton items instead. I knit all year round anyway but sewing isn’t quite so regular. A lack of dedicated work space means my sewing machine spends most of its time in a cupboard, whereas knitting is just so much more portable and thus gets most of the attention. Still, I’ve been enjoying pictures on the Make Something blog of a lovely sewn cardi.

Photo borrowed from:

Probably not quite warm enough for the current weather but it’s going on my ‘that’d be nice to make’ list. It’s a long list.

In other ‘making’ news, some final adjustments and readjustments to the Biggest Thing I’ve Ever Knitted are being made. A jumper based on – loosely – jumpers from one of the best British films ever made: Local Hero.

I’m currently reworking the neckline, incoorporating short rows to dip the front. These (terrible) photos show its just too high otherwise. That, and a bit clunky looking.

The design and execution of this jumper merits a blog post of its own when it’s really really definately finished. It’s almost there (I hope).


Wool: New Lanark Aran in Pebble (6.5 balls)
Needles: 4mm Addi circular
Design: my own, notes to follow.