Just off the coast of Argyll, tucked away in Loch Linne is a small, verdant island called Lismore. I recently visited for the first time and took mere minutes to become enchanted.

Fantastic textures on a little used pier…

Decaying paintwork in Balnagowan

Birds foot trefoil just about to bloom

There is so much to see on Lismore. As a result of some very inclement weather days out and about were limited (I have a high tolerance of rain and wind, but I have my limits and these were met on days 1 and 2). Happily, the rest of the time made up for it. We explored just about every corner of the island on a combination of bikes and on foot. Everywhere we travelled we were met with a smile or a wave, or on occasion a look of slight pity on long uphill stretches… There’s a fantastic community spirit on the island, which, for being small, is really admirable. The smells of wild garlic and salt water haven’t left me yet. I already can’t wait to go back.