Last Islay sunrise.

laggan sunrise

Last Islay sunset.

Back in Edinburgh, my sometime home, for a short while. I’ve left Islay behind with little sadness and my eyes are looking ever further westward. Meantime, however, I’m enjoying being back somewhere which feels like home; that is so familiar and full of both happy memories and close friends. I’m also enjoying revisiting old haunts (hello, Peter’s Yard) and having some free time to wander museums do the kind of frivolous things you can only do in a city, like shopping here.

IMAG2015 flats

settling in

I’ve not been long on this island but already I’ve learnt quite a lot. Firstly, you will see all your colleagues in the shop immediately after work. You will also see them there on the weekend and often if you’re in before work. This is what happens when there’s only one shop in a ten-mile radius; be not surprised but reconsider that second bottle of wine. Secondly, for an island which has made it’s name through whisky it really is okay not to drink the stuff and not be exhiled back to the mainland (seriously – I was afraid…). Thirdly, when the view on the walk into work is like this no day can start badly.


In just a matter of weeks I’m moving across the country to an island I don’t know well to start a new job. These photos were taken on the island a few years ago when I first visited. My memories of it are of stunning landscapes, an incredible history and rich heritage. I don’t know anyone there and I’ll be leaving behind my partner, friends and a place I’ve taken to be my home. Hopefully some of this is just temporary – that my partner will be able to join me before long and that this will become my new home.

I follow quite a number of blogs and am always impressed at how easily folk seem to be able to just…move. Perhaps it’s an illusion created by careful editing, but now that I’m in that situation I find myself worried, panicked, anxious and ultimately, scared. I’d really quite like to have the ability to be fearless and just to get on with it without worrying. Any advice on how on earth to go about that gratefully received…