Na Hearadh : Harris

P1110322A few days away over on the Western Isles. Mostly Harris but a wee bit of Lewis. Mostly pleasure but a bit of business too. It felt like a different world, and I found it intoxicating. I often bemoan the lack of ‘proper’ hills here on Islay and miss the experience of travelling through the landscape, rather than just over it (what am I talking about here: There are next to no glens on Islay; everything is overland and not through hills). Harris sorted that out. For hills which aren’t, in the grand scheme, aren’t all that high they command awe and ‘oohs’ at every turn.

P1110447  P1110240P1110437

P1110265 I’ve lots of personal connections to the island, but hadn’t visited since I was a wee tot so don’t suppose that counts, really. It was a pleasure to visit family,  with family, and see where family now departed once lived and worked. I already can’t wait to get back and explore further; hopefully this time without the distraction of work.

P1110343  P1110429P1110430 One last thing; while I’ve not got any photos as proof take my word for it that standing at the Calanais stones as thunder rumbles, lightning strikes and rain pours down around you is indeed as dramatic experience as you could hope. Thanks, Lewis, chi mi a-rithisd thu.