Fàilte oirbh {hello!}

1957715_10153909616865383_501075043_oHallo. Is mise Anna. My name is Anna. I’m a Gael living in Edinburgh where I work in the heritage sector. I’m interested in the cross-over between landscape, language and heritage. You’ll likely find thoughts on that here, and almost certainly also craft, music, islands and generally being outdoors.

I enjoy hearing from folk so feel free to leave a comment or email me: uiseagheritage [at] outlook [dot] com

The photos and views here are mine alone, unless otherwise stated. Please don’t use any without asking nicely first.


7 thoughts on “Fàilte oirbh {hello!}

  1. You live in one of our favourite places – Islay – what can I say? We have such fond memories of so many parts of this island. I’ll keep popping back as I might pick up some Gaelic, too!

    • It is a beautiful island, Jo. I actually currently only have a few weeks left here, but a computer full of photos and so much still to digest from my time here.

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