About my work


I work with designers, writers, distilleries and public bodies, among others, to further their use of Gaelic heritage. It’s a niche job, and one I really care about. If you are interested in Gaelic culture or heritage and want to collaborate, get in touch: uiseagheritage [at] outlook [dot] com. You can view my full professional profile here.

Here are some of the folk I’ve worked with most recently and what I’ve done for them:

Research and Gaelic cultural context for different designs and Buachaille yarn research & pronunciation work.





Guidance, research and overall direction for Gaelic on a bilingual learning mini-site.


DB logo


Ongoing collaborations with Claire at DaisyBisley designs, providing terminology and heritage context for Claire’s designs. She also designed me the lovely logo you can see at the top of this page.





This episode features myself talking specifically about Gaelic in the landscape, though I provide context and pronunciation advice for the host across many different episodes. Mountain is an excellent podcast – do have a listen.






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