Seat of All Seats


Seat of All Seats, the latest episode of Mountain podcast, featuring yours truly, is now live. Head on over to the site to hear the host, Chris, and myself, discuss how Gaelic can helps walkers and climbers understand the landscape. It was a fun day out and I think that comes across in the episode.

It’s a pleasure to spend time in the hills with someone so knowledgeable and so passionate about what they do. Thank you, Chris, for the opportunity.

Obviously, I’m biased, but I think Mountain is a great podcast worthy of your listening time. You can hear older episodes here.


3 thoughts on “Seat of All Seats

  1. Hi Anna

    I subscribe to the Mountain Podcast and have just listened to this episode. Would you please tell me the phrase you used in the program to describe the sense of homesickness, of missing the place that makes you what you are? It sums me up perfectly, to the point that, when at Glenelg a few years ago – my favourite place in all the world – my youngest daughter, who was 9 at the time, said, “Dad, you NEED to live here.”

    Please do keep on with your work. Gaelic culture has such richness and depth and it should be preserved and protected from the rampant spread of globalisation.

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