Being back in the city grind and with a few weeks of no escape, I can’t help but think of the landscape and open stretches of the Highlands and Islands. The word cianalas about sums up how I’m feeling at the moment. A combination of homesickness, melancholy, and general longing for a place or, as in my case just now, places and culture. Day-to-day life in Edinburgh doesn’t afford me the opportunity to be as immediately absorbed in Gaelic culture and heritage as I was in the islands so I need to be making more of an effort. It seems fitting that on a dreich day in the city the only word that sums up how I’m feeling is a Gaelic one.

Cianalas – kʲiənəLəs – ke-en-alas.

Photos from misc. places in Uist, about this time last year.

Elsewhere, mostly unrelated:

Edinburgh Yarn Festival is coming up; I’m really looking forward to it.
The Danish Diaspora exhibition in Haddington looks very much worth a visit (Nikolai and Beka Globe’s Mission House Studio in Harris is wonderful).
Ernest journal is a relatively new find for me but I’m enjoying it very much.

2 thoughts on “Cianalas

  1. Oh Anna I’m not surprised your ‘homesick’ – its such a dreary time of year with this incessant wind, rain, gales but can’t go on mchlonger Spring really has to be round the corner.  One thing for certain is you will be glad not to be on Uist just now with suchdreadful gales and rain.  We’re watching a fascinating black and white programme on BBC Alba Iplayer – Around the Hebrides -Skye, Uist and Lewis in 1970 – worth a look (once you get past the bit on Dunvegan Castle). Will phone you tomorrow/Wed before we go off.  M

  2. Thanks for introducing me to a new Gaelic term… I had no idea that there was one word that encapsulates how I feel about the Hebrides as well…and Scotland in general. But I’d apply it to Edinburgh as well. I’m waiting out a very long winter in the northern US and missing friends in Edin…

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