shorter days

As winter takes a stronger hold, the light changes more and more. When I first moved to the island there was still hours of light in the evening, now there are barely any hours during the day. It’s felt like a very rapid change in a very short space of time.  I’ve enjoyed watching the changing light as time passes and noticing how the wildlife changes with it.

First, there were ever moving clouds

The skies were awash with geese though they’ve quietened down now.

The weather is making itself known and there are still some geese making themselves heard

Some remnants of summer are still clinging on.

I’ve been spotting about half a dozen snow geese here and there which is a nice treat.  For anyone with a birdy interest, the Islay birds blog is an interesting read. Also worth a look is the blog belonging to the Islay Natural History Trust. An even greater treat is sitting in the evenings with the window open, smelling the neighbours’ peat fires and hearing the waves lap on the shore. Faladh na moine air oir na mara.

One thought on “shorter days

  1. Ah beautiful – there is nowhere else in the world where you can find skies like this! And all you need to go with the aroma of the peat fires is a wee glass of Islay Malt!

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